National Puppet Theatre (PNCA) Pakistan

National Puppet Theatre was established in 1975. It was a great step taken by PNCA, Ministry of Culture, Pakistan, in order to revive one of our most popular folk art which because of the negligence is dying. Two groups were sent to China for Rod Puppet Training in 1975, 1979 and third group was sent to Poland for Puppet Training for promotion of the art of puppetry in Pakistan. National Puppet Theatre was given more than 10 thousand performances not only in the major cities of Pakistan but also in small towns and villages.


Many economic social problems and their solutions are also favorite themes of these shows which aim at creating awareness, better civic sense and patriotism. Besides these themes include filial duties, family ties, health cares cleanliness environment issues which are presented in a light and interesting manner but with an underlying sobriety and seriousness.

The Performance :
Khayali Pallowoo
The story is about a girl who is a milk seller and she is very imaginative and dreams a lot about future. She lives in a world of fantasy and the story shows her imaginations in a highly unique way.

Safae Sehat Ka Lie Zaruary Hai
Cleanliness and health have a strong relation. The story tells about a boy who is ignorant about cleanliness an old man (grand father) of a family tells him how to make himself clean and to prevent himself from disease. The story is very useful for the children and given lesson about personal hygienic and environment.

Play of Monkeys
This is an interesting play in which 12 mischievous monkeys take part and perform different antics. This play is equally liked by children and adults.

Dance of Dwarfs
This beautiful dance is expression of the happiness of dwarfs.

Kishmiri Dance
This Dance has been produced to show solidarity with the people of Kashmir.
Keeps the Lights (Bataain Baujahi Rakhtain). This dance has been produced in order to give a new life in the filed of puppetry. This dance is performed by 2 girls and 2 boys with a main dancer.