Pakistan’s First National Dance Festival organized by Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop was made possible by the generosity of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Pakistan. In order to establish a strong effective presence of Dance in Pakistan, it was necessary to bring together the few professional choreographers/dancers in the country. It was perceived that such a Dance Festival would put before the public (in the three major cities of Pakistan) dance, not only as mere entertainment but also as a pure art form, celebrating the differences of style of each choreographer.

There being no patron of dance in Pakistan or cultural forums specifically set up to present Dance, each choreographer has been struggling in isolation. It was envisaged that the National Dance Festival would help promote Pakistan’s reputation in the cultural field, and would be an opportunity to acknowledge the work of these choreographers/dancers who have continued to strive in the harshest of landscapes. It was hoped that interaction between choreographers and the chance of seeing each others work may also give rise to exciting cooperation in the future.

Acknowledgement was due to the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Pakistan for funding the National Dance Festival. Their interest came at a crucial time for the preservation of Dance in Pakistan initiated by Tehreema Mitha, Indu Mitha and Aabvaan Barron of Tehreema Aabvaan Dance Productions.

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