Artist / Puppeteer / Lighting & Stage Designer / Painter

Faizaan Peerzada is the Artistic Director of Puppet Division of the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop, President, International Puppet Festival Pakistan & Unima Pakistan.

He has experience in organizing cross cultural events. The company has arranged over a thousand different programs, for children and adults all over the country. Some of these shows are pioneering efforts in the upcoming history of the performing arts.

Faizaan Peerzada has worked with dedication for several years designing programs to develop children's minds by making them aware of visual arts as well as providing opportunities for them to participate in the performing arts.

The programs include child art festivals, art workshops and live art demonstrations with children. To celebrate the international Year of the Child in 1979, programs were specially designed, keeping in view the development of the young minds, to create an understanding of cross-cultural and socioeconomic problems etc. Three major art festivals were held in which at least 35,000 children participated in about a span of one month.

In 1981 the child art festivals received entries that amounted to a hundred thousand children. Slide shows and lectures were organized at schools all along. These festivals proved to be a great success because the message was sent across on various themes specially "War & Peace".

Faizaan Peerzada is a trained puppeteer. Professionally working since 1978, he gave regular performances in all the major towns of Pakistan. The puppets have also given a sense of achievement to Faizaan as an artist.

He has created more than 1500 puppets for an assortment of puppet plays based on themes like love, friendship generosity, peace and kindness. The puppet theatre was running regularly during the period 1980 on a daily basis with an average audience of 500 children per day, plus the National and International tours that the company conducted, gathered an audience of almost two hundred thousand people, where the programs were performed free of cost.

Rafi Peer Theatre workshop has held five International level Puppet & theatre Festivals in which 42 countries participated in five festivals with a total strength of 1295 foreign delegates, performing, lecturing and research programs. In the eleven day festivals almost 1,625,000 people attended the event in 1992, 1994, 1996 and 1997.

Faizaan is the Artistic and Technical Director of First & Second International Theatre & Dance Festival Pakistan 1996 & 1997.

Faizaan has been a driving force to form UNIMA Pakistan. On 15th February, 1993 UNIMA Pakistan was formed. He is presently president of UNIMA in Pakistan.

In 1976 he held his first principal exhibition at the American Cultural Centre, Karachi and then approximately forty principal exhibitions in Pakistan and sixteen art exhibitions in the United States. He received much acclaim and honor in England, France, Italy, Belgium, West Germany, Holland, Sri Lanka and Switzerland.

Enjoying an extensive media coverage Faizaan Peerzada was interviewed by television stations in the US and the UK. His very special blend of eastern and western art drew enthusiastic responses, particularly at the art demonstrations he held in London, Washington and New York city.

During his stay in the United States Faizaan Peerzada won two awards in Washington D.C. And was selected to donate his paintings to the Kennedy Center for an auction to benefit handicapped children. Faizaan Peerzada also organized a special exhibition for Quaid-e-Azam in Washington D.C.

He is a modern expressionistic painter who is presently dedicated to working with puppets.


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