We firmly believe that art is the only real reflection of nations and its people. The World Performing Arts Festival began as a dream of The Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop, to bring together artists from all over the world to celebrate their art in the historic city of Lahore. We wanted to expose the people of Pakistan to the rich and diverse cultures of the many different countries of the world and at the same time promote culture and artistic exchange between the artistic communities of the world. For over three decades, the Rafi Peer Theatre, as an independent body, has followed this dream, making endless efforts against all kind of difficulties and obstacles to turn this dream into reality.

Over the years, consistent efforts and hard work has gone into making this Festival possible. This Festival has brought a lot of richness to the city of Lahore and at the same time it has enriched all visiting artists who have been a part of this festival.

Today the World Performing Arts Festival is the largest Festival of its kind in South East Asia. Enjoying overwhelming support from diverse audiences, it is also one of the leading events of Cultural and Artistic exchange between the East and the West.

This year the festival will feature more than 1000 performers hailing from 40 countries. Diverse musical genres such as World Music, African, Rock, Pop, Folk, Jazz, Sufi Soul, and Fusion would be presented in this festival. Theatre traditions from varied cultural origins would be on display. Performances in both classical and modern Dance styles would be conducted. Puppeteers from all over the world will entertain and educate the audience with their skill and creativity. An intensive Cinematic experience will be delivered to the audience through Feature Films, Short Films and Documentaries, from different countries.

We actively encourage and facilitate artistic collaborations between artists from different countries. Artists who have previously participated in the festival have tremendously enjoyed holding joint performances with Pakistani artists.

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