Since 1992 the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop has hosted independent international festivals of Puppetry, Theatre, Dance, World Music, Child Art & Film. This organization has worked hard to put these festivals on the global map with tremendous artistic value and integrity attached with each of the events. By now the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop’s International Festivals are a vibrant living entity with each festival having a distinct identity of its own. The International Puppet Festival Pakistan 1998 was dubbed by foreign media as the largest puppet festival in the world on only its 4th addition.
Since 2003, the workshop decided to combine all these international performing arts festivals upon one large singular cultural platform. The first such festival took place between the 17th to the 26th of November 2003. From now on all the festivals will come under the banner of the World Performing & Visual Arts Festival Pakistan with its new logo and a renewed vibrant global image.


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