Aitchison College Lahore

MISSION IMPOSIBLE…are the words that define the task of staging a
play. It was a dual responsibility for both of us as we were in the cast and had to direct the play as well. Some how we integrated because it was a task that required total devotion. We are grateful to the “Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop” who gave Aitchison the opportunity to participate in their Youth Festival 2002. “Kuta Kaun Uthaey” has already been staged at Aitchison and its proof to be an enviable hit.


We our grateful to the Principal Aitchison College Mr. Shamim Saifullah Khan for allowing us to participate and for being a source of strength. His keen interest in co-curricular activities makes such activities possible. This play is about the complexities of problems faced by Pakistan like corruption, indolence, and dishonesty. We've presented thus a satire on these problems. We are thankful to our teacher Mr. Irfan Ali Shaad for being instrumental in guiding the students and for writing the entire script.

We appreciate Rafi Peer once again, for allowing us to participate in this festival. We hope that we would definitely! Come to the expectations of many ( Inshallah). We will cherish these memories for a long time.

Copyright 2002, Peer Group