Performing arts in Pakistan are viewed merely as entertainment. There is no social values attached to them and government aid of any kind is far too little and infrequent as the third generation of Pakistan's leading family of performing artists, 19 year old Alena Peerzada amongst directing and acting in theatre productions she has been actively involved in the family business. In the past 10 years the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop has held 14 festivals of the highest international standard. Over two thousand delegates form 70 countries have participated and brought joy to audiences that numbering over 8million people. Starting out as an actress and a puppeteer from the very first festival in 1992 worked in local and international plays in the festival. From 1996 she began working as a group coordinator taking care of the technical needs of the delegates. With each passing festival since her responsibilities have increased in the years 1998, 1999, 2000 & 2001 she was in both festival management and group coordination from 2000 she also began marketing sales for two international concerts in Lahore. In January 2002 the youth theatre festival was successfully staged in Lahore Pakistan 10 of Lahore's best young theatre groups and collages performed as the creative director alena was the helm, organizing the superb festival that was a huge sot in the arm for local armature theatre, she is now aiming to make next years event Pakistan's first international youth theater festival this will allow young Pakistanis to interact with international student and international performers they will be able to stage international plays in their own country for young Pakistani students who can not afford to go abroad this festival will provide them with a great opportunity to perform with and learn from international artists.

The festival will also organize a team of international performers to hold workshops I moth prior to the festival. This indeed is great for Pakistan and the youth who take a keen interest in the performing arts. The Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop want people to recognize, understand and appreciate real theatre in order to do so the are providing the youth of today with a platform To help them bring about this change and materialize their dreams and ambitions and are giving them an opportunity to learn and express themselves in order to attain their goals.

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