Mosaic Entertainment

MOSAIC Entertainment steps on to the Lahore amateur theatre scene
for the first time with their first production. This play is a light comedy focusing on the Pakistani movie industry or “Lolly Wood” as it is well known. The story revolves around a young actor from London who comes to make a difference to Lolly Wood. The play is about his attempts to change and improve the local cinema. Other important characters are the director, the hero, the superstar heroine and the willon .The play is seen through her eyes and also through her memory. Other important characters in the story are the movie's director ,the hero,the superstar heroine and the young actor from london hoping to make it in tinsel town. The play is full of life and is bound to entertain the audience. Mosaic is a young company with our members being 18-20 years old. Our aim is to bring theatre to as many as possible and to do our plays with one aim; to enjoy ourselves and to entertain the masses. The script and concept of our play is original and was a joint effort from all our actors and crew. "It takes over a hundred muscles to frown,It takes only one to smile”


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