About The Puppeteers (NCA)

THE PUPPETEERS of the National College of Arts Lahore was formed ten Years ago. In this period of ten years the “PUPPETEERS NCA” have performed on a number of venues in the country as well as abroad. The basic objective of the society is to paint the problems present in society using stage as canvass and puppets as there medium. Starting from 7th May 1992, the very first day of their existence; THE PUPPETEERS NCA is trying to explore and inter-relate the techniques and to take the art of puppetry a step forward.
Every eunuch in our society is considered as an alien only… only because he is a eunuch. Arshi (the main role of the story) is a eunuch who wants to be the part of the society… the society in which no one even wants to talk to him… And finally he made his place or may be he did not … is the story.
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