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Call Me Ishmeal (there is one more that may follow)
“Some walls do not a prison make. Nor iron bars a cage.”
- Richard Lovelace
The greatest prison a man can be caught in is that of the mind.
Imagine a closed cell. The only opening is a small hole in the roof.
The only opening which lets in air and light into the dark, dank room and the only opening through which the prisoner's scream can reach the outside world through an other wise impenetrable cell.
That is your dark side.
Imprisoned within walls of morality.

Everyone has a dark side. Exactly how much of a free reign they give their dark sides defines their alignment, so to speak. The freer reign they give them the darker their shade of grey, because if we have a dark side we also have a lighter side to offset it. Imagine what would happen if you could split a person into two distinct halves, one which comprises all the good that is in us, our aspirations, our dreams, our hopes, our loves, our Light side. The other comprises all our deepest fears, our angers, our biases, our hatreds, and our Dark side.

The title of our play is taken from the Biblical meaning of Ishmael, where it means outcast. Call Me Ishmael hence refers to the injustice of treating people who are 'different' by our society's standard, like the immates of an asylum….outcasts. Call me outcast, that is what they proclaim for that is what we have made them. Society's children, yet not of us anymore.
Call me Ishmael takes you deep into the psyche of a person suffering from a psychological disorder, which splits his personality into a Light side by the name of Adam and a Dark side by the name of Ishmael. In our play you get to view the world through both the eyes of Good and the eyes of Evil and you get to see how such Good and Evil affects those around them and how either extreme survives in a world that exists in shades of grey.
Your mind is a prison.
Imagine if you could be free

Copyright 2002, Peer Group