Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop's previous festivals left a wealth of experience from the cultures of the world with the audience of Lahore and made it possible for the theatre workshop to introduce a new task from the time of creation it has been clearly established that the workshop will do its best to secure the community and society through the means of performing arts. Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop this year is conducting a Youth Theatre Festival solely for the first time. This venture was carried out initially in the third International Theatre Festival 99 during which there were in different groups participating from various schools and colleges and other splinter bodies. Youth Theatre Productions have become an integral part of coverage life. In this field we have found that students are full of innovation and creativity along with commitment towards their passion. This festival aims to develop this aesthetic inclination of these young theatre groups and educate them to a better class of theatre. This will also help to reincarnate our diverse cultural and artistic heritage, which has also been the driving force behind the last festivals. We believe that by conducting this festival solely we will be encouraging the young talent and the dramatic arts of the present times. The theme of this year's festival is “Peace and Harmony” for which we will be holding a mural exhibition. 15 schools have been invited to take part in this effort by contributing to the painting of the mural the festival will be held from the 19th to the 28th of January. It will be held on one central site, the Alhamra Cultural Complex Qaddafi Stadium, featuring are performance everyday. We intend to create youth co-productions between colleges and schools of other cities making this a yearly venture. We also plan on making this into an international festival, which will allow us to recreate the cultural niche all over the world. This will give the audience the opportunity to savour would clean theatre by international participation.



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