International Theatre & Dance Festival Pakistan

International Puppet Festival Pakistan

Sufi Soul World Music Festival Pakistan

The performing arts have for centuries been a vital and integral part of the sub continent the (undivided India) the classical music, and dance has been practiced since our Mugal Emperors. The classical music and dance discipline most known to the outside world, however these are many other popular, traditional forms that are equally loved by the world and the general public in the sub continent, which includes various forms of music, dance, theatre and puppetry.

The knowledge and skills associated with the subcontinent performing arts have always been handed down from generation to generation, from master to disciple. These were little written documentation and that which was recorded was mostly destroyed during the practice of the subcontinent. Since 1947 all artist from different traditional and styles tried to do their limited efforts as their responsibility to revive the performing arts and train people, most of them also are not alive and the government has no vechal to train and educate the people in reviving the performing arts traditions and training the new generation of artists to ensure a solid future to one of the world's greatest cultural heritage because there are no schools ,no references and these festivals are a great help and they act as a very important visual experience for all. Since 1974 this revival has been concentrated primarily by the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop.


During 10 years the international festivals have given a new light in the performing arts and has enitend the arts and young ones and we see a great self motivation within the artists in present theatre, music, dance, puppet organizations and have increased enormously. They are eager to continue the current momentum and are actively producing proposals ongoing projects. Smaller projects can eventually be sustained through ticket revenue.

The festival infrastructure changes funds are now be requested for the first time to execute the future festivals for another next 5 years by focusing on conservation and revitalization of the performing arts and bringing all the amazing styles of arts form around the world into Pakistan.

The Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop and the festivals committee has established a special project a four floor building a theatre of 350 seats, it will be a museum of puppetry and institute of preforming arts. However full sustainability will not be achieved until present significant funds are unidentified to help support the real birth for the institute and the faculties of music, dance, theatre and puppetry, this endeavor to fully revive and preserve their performing arts heritage. This vision can only be realized through a combination of efforts including educational, documentation revival of lost performance forms, and a reconnection which is slowly being lured away from its own cultural heritage by video and western television. This is a special undertaking of the festival committee to develop a constant educational base in Pakistan to have international interaction going on.



4th International Theatre & Dance Festival Pakistan
3rd Sufi Soul World Music Festival Pakistan

1st - 12th March 2002