The intent of the festival was to establish Music as an acceptable and meaningful expression of our culture as well as provide a show case to our Pakistani audiences to see work and share the new forms of expressions from different cultures around the world. Also it was an excellent opportunity for our local singers, musicians and music directors to meet and see the work of the international artists.

Despite all the restrictions and religious strictures, the fact remains that the demand for music is immense. The more popular forms of music are thriving and many more pop groups have emerged in the last ten years or so than ever previously, while some of the folk forms and quwali have also mushroomed. The classical musical forms have declined, as those just cannot survive on the basis of the market alone.

Of late there has been a surfeit of music videos, which is altogether a new form, generated by the innovation in technology. Most of the popular music is not recorded on videos. The popularization and easy and cheap availability of satellite channels has altered the taste and at the same time whetted the masses appetite for more experimentations in musical forms. Most of the experimentation being done these days in the arts is related to the tremendous upsurge in the technological inventions. The computers and digital advancements have challenged some of the older views and new forms are being created in response to the changes in views. All these technology related developments have brought in a whole new debate on what is sound, and the relation of computer generated sound to natural sound.

All this newly aroused interest was made a creative use of. By bringing together musicians from all over the world, new grounds which are being broken, and new theories about sound which are being discovered, formed part of the festival.