The intent of the festival was to establish Theatre & Dance as an acceptable and meaningful expression of our culture as well as provide a show case to our Pakistani audiences to see work and share the new forms of expressions from different cultures around the world. Also it was an excellent opportunity for our local actors, directors, writers and dancers / choreographers to meet and see the work of the international artists.

Specially for the local choreographers it was much needed opportunity, who otherwise find themselves isolated, to feed a sense of belonging and kinship, with the fellow dancers and a total vacuum for international dance scene. In this Festival both areas were achieved, the interaction with the local as well as foreign dancers and most importantly that the dance was advertised and for the first time in Pakistan we had, the cross section of general public, who could freely meet and see their choice, dance performances.

As for as the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop is concerned, would definitely lead to greater creative harmony amongst the dancers in times to come.

From the organizational point of view, the environment in Pakistan was not conducive, as we are all aware, to the staging of such an event. At times, it seemed even possible that the event would actually not take place, the responsibility of which would have had to be borne solely by the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop entrusted with the complete organization of the festival. Faced with this crushing alternative, the organizer excerised extreme caution in publicizing the event at a large scale, even so far as requesting journalists at the start of the festival to refrain from reviewing the event till it had moved on to the final phase. The organizers are confident, even now, that an approach of caution was wiser in the face of so many odds, besides all this the festival received very positive media coverage. The second time around for this project, as the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop is only too well aware, is always more difficult and as far as numbers are concerned, the foundation work for greater audiences has now been laid. The Second International Theater & Dance Festival Pakistan - 1997 was therefore of historical significance because firmly set a precedent for future events of such nature. The performances of dance, remained the most encouraging with the audiences growing each day.

The Festival aimed at the following themes:

The themes of the festival was Freedom and Independence. However to have a wide variety of work, the Festival remained broad-based and free and not tied down to one theme only. The subject matter which related against oppression, political, economic, racial, religious and against gender group.

The Festival was a celebration of the peoples' basic right to be free and independent and to be able to express themselves without fear so that their creativity may shine in the ever lasting light of Allah the Almighty Creator to bring peace and harmony between the peoples of the world.