Human Resource Manager

Job Description
Human Resource Manager is to manage the employees both individually and collectively in such a manner that they are able to contribute to the process of achieving business objectives set by the organization. The human resource manager has to be in constant touch with the employees of the company. He provides advice to the staff and trains them in various aspects. He has to coordinate the process of recruiting and training. He needs to conduct employee performance reviews and should also inform the employees about the policies of the company.


  • Implement Human Resource Policies and Procedures (SOPs) adopted by the company
  • Review SOPs, suggest improvements and obtain revisions from consultants from time to time to ensure that SOPs are kept up to date;
  • Maintain effective communication with organization personnel and with management;
  • Maintain cooperative climate of relationship within the organization;
  • Make measures to increase staff productivity and reduce staff turnover;
  • Receive recruitment advice from the concerned Departmental Heads;
  • Review annual staffing plan and budget to ensure activities are in compliance;
  • Advertise for posts according to demands of RPTW;
  • Review the list of short-listed candidates.
  • Call short listed candidates for interview and identify potential candidates;
  • Carry out specific technical assessments in certain cases as may be required by various departments;
  • Prepare compensation and benefits package for staff, keeping in view the compensation and benefits policy of the company;
  • Finalize employment letter and job descriptions of the newly hired staff members;
  • Arrange trainings on request of Departmental Heads from time to time or subsequent to annual appraisals;
  • Monitor Attendance and circulate summaries to F&A Department for processing of salaries;
  • Take disciplinary actions on occurrences as defined in the SOPs;
  • Carry out performance appraisal in light of policies defined in the SOPs and provide input on the appraisal of staff members;
  • Appraise available courses, assess training needs of staff members and disseminate this information to all the Departmental Heads for processing of training nominations;
  • Perform tasks as defined in the relevant section of the SOPs developed.


  • Preferably Masters  degree in HRM from a recognized university
  • Over 5 Years Work Experience
  • Complex problem resolution and general management expertise
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • High level of interpersonal skills and integrity
  • Coaching and leadership skills
  • Proven ability to build strong working relationships


Applicants are advised to submit the following documents :

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Job Application
  • 1420 Form
  • 2 References

Disclaimer: Only those applicants will be considered who will submit the aforementioned documents.

Application for Employment 1420 Form Reference

Please clearly mention the position title in the subject line of email.
Only short listed candidates will be contacted for interviews.