To promote international exchange of knowledge and ideas in performing arts (Drama/Dance Music/Theatre/Puppetry /Film) in order to consolidate peace and friendship between people, deepen mutual understanding and increase creative co-operation between all people in the theatre arts.

To enact a global identity through performing arts and collaborations which will obey no man made barriers and broaden the horizons of the human mind with the messages of understanding, love, and kindness.

To expose the public to a broad range and variety of performing arts.

Encourage activities and creation in the field of the live performing arts (Drama, Dance, Music, Theatre, Puppetry, Film)

Widen and increase existing collaboration between performing arts disciplines and organization, both national and international.

Co-operate actively in the development of the “Performing Arts of Nations” and encourage and co-ordinate the organization of the arts congresses, workshops and meetings of experts, as we as Festival, exhibitions and competitions, both on regional and interregional levels.

Defend the free development of performing arts and contribute to the protection of the rights of performing arts professionals.

Give an opportunity to foreign groups to visit Pakistan for development work on performing arts in Pakistan.

Harmonize strained relations between different countries, which can be brought together through the driving force of performing arts.

To stand up for the freedom of speech through artistic expression.

To bring about awareness of issues that concern our society such as education, civic sense, drug abuse etc.

To keep alive the tradition of live performance.

To promote the image the Pakistan as a country rich in culture as well as presenting our people as a nation open and eager to learn about the traditions and arts of other countries.

To create continuity between the new and traditional art forms and concepts of performing art.

To educate the public specifically the younger generation in the classical art forms.

To prepare an institutional framework for the development of performing arts.

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