.At the time of creation of Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop in 1974 the aims and objectives were evolved after careful consideration. It was clearly established that the theatre workshop would serve the community and society through the means of performing arts and provide meaningful entertainment by using the potential of performing arts to its fullest and to achieve its declared objectives through direct mass communication.

To keep alive the tradition of live music. 

To expose the Pakistani public to a much larger range and variety of music from all over the world as a live form of music. 

To promote the image of Pakistan as a society rich in culture. 

To draw some continuity between the new forms of music and the traditional forms and concepts. 

To prepare a system of patronage to promote the classical forms. 

To study and understand the whole new area of computer generated sound. 

To understand and analyze the contemporary concept of musical construction/creation. 

To re-establish musical links with the immediate neighbours like the Central Asia Republics, Iran, Afghanistan Nepal and India. 

To save the traditional instruments from extinction. 

To educate the public younger generation in the classical forms of music. 

To prepare an institutional framework for the development of music.