Every performance at the Festival did not literally address the theme of Peace, as that could have been boring. You could find comedy, satire, fairy-tales, epics, modern stories and musicals, on different themes done in a variety of styles, something that you could only witness by traveling around the globe. Isn't it terrific that you could experience all that at one site in the heart of your city? And more than anything else, it was through the coming together of artistes from all over the world and audiences from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, that the Festival promoted the ideals of peace.

The 5th International Puppet Festival Pakistan paid tribute to the art of puppetry at the turn of the Millennium. From 11 to 22 November, it hosted some 250 foreign and 200 Pakistani puppeteers, and put up 242 shows in eleven days. The RPTW had created a magical city boasting 11 theatres with technical facilities of international standard, and 22 performances planned for each day of the Festival. Puppet groups from 20 countries and five continents participated.

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