The First International Puppet Festival 1992 was the first festival of this nature and scale in Pakistan. The Festival laid the foundation stone of UNIMA Pakistan, Puppet Museum, publication on puppetry, news letters supported by documentaries, was a step forward in the development of the art of puppetry.

The Festival was dedicated to peace and harmony in the world through the art of puppetry. It was the first time that a step had been taken to promote such a project. Not only did it enhance Pakistan’s image abroad but it also provided an opportunity for the Pakistani Puppeteers and the audiences to savour the taste of different cultures through performances that had come from around the world.

Through puppetry, the festival was a breakthrough in creating a positive power base of cross cultural awareness of ideas, with artists expressing themselves through folk and contemporary traditions of this earliest living creative expression. The festival was a success with its participants and the audiences alike.

Participating Groups
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