Founded by Salmaan Peerzada in 1974, Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop is a non-government organization named after the father of modern drama in Pakistan. Over the years, it has produced a considerable amount of serious and pioneering work for the progress of dramatic arts, creating in roads into the collective aesthetic psyche of our nation.

Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop is led by six working professionals; Faizaan Peerzada, Usmaan Peerzada, Saadaan Peerzada, Imraan Peerzada Tasneem Peerzada &Salmaan Peerzada, backed by a team of highly efficient full time staff.

The Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop has the expertise and experience to organize popular International Festivals. It works with major International concerns in the field of theatre, puppetry, dance & music to provide a rich cross cultural experience to audiences in Pakistan and other countries and to create harmony between our culture and other great cultures of the world.

To stand for freedom of speech. To educate, entertain and bring about awareness of the issues that concern our society i.e education, drug abuse, civic sense etc. To motivate and help other national groups by holding workshops and seminars; to develop the performing arts by keeping our own traditions as the foundation. Being the largest theatre company in the country, the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop is the first private company to build its own theatre. We plan to use all our resources and seek national and international sponsors to develop our theater facility, help produce and provide a platform for quality theatre. The Theatre Complex is visualized to become the nucleus of a National Theatre movement.

This vision Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop has endeavored to nurture in previous 19 Festivals. Not only has local participation remained enthusiastic and committed to the cause of performing arts in the country, but also international participation has given audiences the opportunity to savour world class theatre and dance.

At the time of its creation in 1974, the aims and objectives of the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop were defined after careful consideration. It was clearly established that the theatre workshop would serve the community and society through the means of performing arts and provide meaningful entertainment by using the potential of performing arts to its fullest, to achieve its declared objectives through direct mass communication.

For the first time in Pakistan Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop established a modern puppet theatre company which has now been performing for the last fifteen years. It laid down the foundation of puppetry as an art form in Pakistan, with special emphasis on education through entertainment. The Puppet Theatre has held innumerable workshops for children and adults. On the request of various schools, it has also produced programs for youth and children on special subjects. The Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop has organized a regular exchange of programs with artists of foreign countries who have brought and exhibited their art in Pakistan and held workshops in various schools. Our Puppet Theatre has considerable assets in props and stage craft including thousands of Puppets. It has proved itself in driving home messages concerning major issues. It has effectively complemented formal means of education. We plan to expand the production under the nucleus of the theatre complex to tour in the rural areas. The development program includes the following : A fully equipped puppet theatre suitable for all forms of puppet theatre production. With the completion of the museum of puppetry in sight, Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop intends to upgrade its puppet making and production facilities. We believe that puppetry is an incisive tool in capturing audiences and delivering the otherwise mundane and repetitious message. Puppets, we believe, shall always remain relevant by the immense possibilities present in their very nature of being puppets; their sheer ability to exaggerate human emotions by their fixed expressions renders them invaluable in theatrical productions.

Salmaan Peerzada

Usmaan Peerzada

Imraan Peerzada

Sadaan Peerzada

Faizaan Peerzada

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